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Dan is a French woman of Indian and Vietnamese extraction. She likes to take a scientific approach to understanding the laws that govern the living world and has used self development from a very young age.


In 1990 her divine Kundalini was awakened…  For the past 20 years she has endeavored to transmit its Teachings and explain in simple terms their application to our daily lives in order to achieve simplicity and harmony:  Finding the path that leads to Being.


 She believes that “there is no difference between daily life and spiritual life!”  All of life is Spiritual!


 Dan initiates individuals into the divine Kundalini awakening. This initiation is called the Grace.


Kundalini/Shakti is the fabulous Energy which is dormant in each of us.  She belongs to each of us.  She is universal and eternal.  When awakened, for the person who meditates regularly, an internal transformation takes place.