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 KUNDALINI AWAKENING / Connect the Body and the Spirit




A human being is made of energy as are the Earth and all the living things. We consist of chakras (wheels of energy) and of nadis which spread the energy throughout the body. 


  The life principle of Energy is fluidity. This principle operates according to scientific laws. The non-application of these laws causes energy blockages in the subtle channels of the etheric body which in turn cause pain and sore areas in the physical body, thus preventing access to a persons true nature. 


 Kundalini / Shakti is the Light. She is alive, She is Intelligence, She is all qualities. She Is.


 After the Initiation of « Kundalini Awakening, » a student who meditates, practices Active Meditation.


 What is Active Meditation? Active Meditation is a meditation in action. Kundalini is awakened and She is acts within the student. The student’s « work » is to « let go », to open his heart  to Kundalini who is the Light.


 As She is inside you She knows you, She knows all about  you, your life, your joys, your victories or, your defeats, your worries, your troubles, your fears and anything that may constitute a blockage within body and spirit …


The first act that She performs in your body is an act of purification. When passing through the « blocked“ nadis, She purifies  them so that She can move on and help you to feel better not only in your physical body, but also in your  psychic, etheric body.


She will make your chakras « turn » to improve their function so that energy will flow through your body…


Kundalini /Shakti is the Yoga. She is all yoga. She will use whatever yoga is appropriate in order for you to achieve harmony.


- Pranayama (She will have you perform breathing exercises) 


 - Hatha Yoga ( She will have you perform physical exercise)


- Mantra Yoga (She will have you chant or recite mantras)


 - Jnana Yoga (She will be the inner knowledge)


And with realization you will develop


 - Bakti Yoga (the Love within)


 Kundalini Awakening is not an end in itself, it is the beginning of a Path to be travelled in love and harmony between the student and Kundalini.  Staying in Harmony can only be achieved by applying the teachings and by regular meditation.


 When Kundalini, Universal Energy feels the student’s desire to reach his inner Being, she bestows on him all the blessings he truly wishes for and much more besides.


 Thank You so Lovely KUNDALINI





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