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Time for a Week End



 Time to discover your Self.


Retreat moments make it possible to release the hurrying life, to focus your attention either towards outside towards the inside to find your Self, to gently be with your body and your spirit.


Time To discover the Beauty of Nature


For this week end we propose to you our privileged place where Nature offers a root to the Earth. By walking in the park you will find quiet and serene atmosphere where trees and plants of all species, the basins of lotus and water lilies accommodate an astonishing fauna.


Two quite furnished flats named “Pondy” and “Madras”.


Time to learn and to give up to yourself


 Dan is a Teacher in “How to Manage Stress” and Master on Active Meditation with Kundalini Awakening. She will explain to you by practical exercises the importance of “good” breathing. You will meditate together in a  Small Temple. To give up to your Self means to give up your burdens and find your true Nature.


Enriched by her Indian culture, she will give you if you wish an Ayurvedic Massage of great quality with essential oils.


 Time to make activities


To occupy your spirit in a recreational activity you should become aware of now here (nowhere).


Gerard our presenter in singing, will make you discover your voice. As he says it so well, « the Voice is a path which leads to the Self! »


 Dan will introduce you to Kolams, this ancestral art of India. She came to know of kolams in Pondicherry (India) and was taught in this science by Lakshmi Kumaran and her Mom Sundari Krishnamoorthy. Kolams develop the Attention, the Centring, the Patience, the Memory, the Creativity and the Intuition.


If you go to Pondicherry and you are interesting in learning kolams or Indian cooking, please contact Lakshmi : 9952700190. She will be happy to teach you.


The Swimming pool will relax your body and your spirit during summer time.


Cost of Week End: 150€


Date of Week End


We invite you to come on Friday’s evening. Possibility of receiving 3 to 4 persons in the cottage  » Pondy  » and 2 to 3 persons can be accommodated in the cottage « Madras ».


Weekend retreat takes place with at least 3 participants



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