Mes Liens









  “I want to thank all the persons to whom I awakened Divine Kundalini who have agreed to testify to the benefits they collected since this Awakening….


 Kundalini/Shakti is the Fabulous Energy which is sleeping in each one of us. She is universal and always existing. Once awakened, begins for the person who practices regularly meditation undergoes inside transformation … Be Your Self Simply!









Yannick from Payrignac (France)


“Since I was young, I was conscious of the path and the answer to all the problems of the world is…. ”


Vanguy from Gourdon (France)


“I don’t know how to begin… First of all I would like to give homage to KUNDALINI/SHAKTI to be there, because She takes care at every moment ….. ”


 Francisco of the Dordogne


“This experiment taught me to feel myself…”


Regine from Bordeaux


“In 2003, I was asking myself new questions, crucial questions, I was looking for how to live simply…”


  Sylvie from Marseillan


““Dan gave me Kundalini Awakening in 1999 and for me that was a Rebirth, a second Life…”


Edme from Montpellier


“An agricultural engineer, I had studied much in books. Dan didn’t refer to books, but spoke to me about her own experience ……”


Denis from Dax


“… by discussing much with you Dan, you opened my spirit by guiding myself in my research and learning how to be with the listening of myself…”


Laurence from Payrignac


“I received my Kundalini Awakening during the summer in 2002, I was 22 years old, since when I meditate or in the Action, I allow my Kundalini to work inside my body…. ”


Josiane from Sète


“Professor of yoga since 1970, I had understood the importance of Kundalini. When in 1999, I received the Kundalini Awakening from Dan…”


Claudie from Draguignan


“I am aware of the traversed path and the will to reach that point …..”


Maryse from Toulouse


“For my part, this bit of a way together enabled me to find myself, to raise my doubts, to be with the simplicity of my heart…. ”