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KOLAMS Festival for Pongal


Le Nouvel An Hindouiste, la Fête des KOLAMS


Kolams Art is very old in India and is transmitted from mother to daughter. Every morning, the Indian women draw kolams in a controlled way through their forefinger and the thumb at the entrance of their house with rice flour and for Pongal colors are added. Kolams represent geometrical figures or varied drawings. Kolams carry chance, prosperity and protection with the family, it is a sign of welcome too.



Kolams represent the Divine Energy attributes. And the fabulous diversity of kolams show the Energy various forms.


Divine Energy is Shakti/Kundalini. In India, the Women are regarded as Shakti. Therefore it is why only women practice Kolams.


David Soulier’s screens in Pondicherry (Kuruchikuppam) India 2010.



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