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 Each morning, the Indian women clean with lot of water in front of their house door. And Water purifies.


They take their rice powder and draw kolams. When you look at them, you see them the back curved towards the Earth as if they were honouring Her !


The kolams are ephemeral, they last only one day. The children, the adults, the animals walk above, the wind sometimes breathe on the powder. Then why do the indian women start drawing each day?


And Kolam Spirit will answer: “I am the Life, ephemeral! It is by drawing me as you wish you can develop your qualities. And if the children, the adults, the animals and sometimes the Wind demolish your work and erase me is to make you understand that each day is a New Day.


Don’t delay about what you made the day before, what occurred. It is why each morning Indian women wash with large water what they drew the day before. Life is an eternal restarting, each day is a New Chance to grow and Love!”








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