Mes Liens




Yannick from Payrignac


KUNDALINI Awakening / To connect the Body and the Spirit


Since I was young I was conscious that the path and the answer to all the problems of the world is LOVE. Over the years, I forgot it and I adopted strange behavior which the society generates in us. The fear of the judgment so we became shy, we do like others, and maybe silly things, we set up “systems” in us to protect ourself without knowing that is going to lose ourself.


After a few years, I felt limited and badly in my being because of bad behavior.It is really the word and I realize now that it was not other people who limited me but it was myself.


Fortunately Life always shows us the path, it belongs to us to see it and to accept it. Then I met my future wife and both we met Dan in 2002. A few months later, we went together for the seminary on “Stress Management and Communication”.


Then I realize that Communication is a major importance, that includes self development and affirmation of ourself. It is the path to know how to communicate with the aim to be understood and to understand others. This work on ourself builds our life on good bases and gives us the possibility to advance quickly.


To understand the mechanisms of the stress and the importance of the emotions enabled me to know myself a lot and particularly the reasons of my blockings and how to keep the heart happy.


Dan’s Teaching brought much in my life and because of learning them with my wife is a formidable luck because we advance healthily in communication, a mutual respect and LOVE. Today, we have a 2 year son; we have built our house and make


Dan gave me “keys” with the Teachings. She awakened my sublime Divine Energy by the “Grace”. KUNDALINI, She is the most beautiful Gift who only requires growing. We can do it by meditating and respecting Love.


Dan makes us taste true Love and it belongs to us to be nourished by this Love every day.


I will never thank enough Dan, but I know that largest mercy that I can do to her is TO BE HAPPY.