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SYLVIE from Marseillan



When I received Kundalini Awaking from Dan, I felt a transformation in my body. In my meditations I felt my body as light as a feather. I felt parts of my body without touching them.


Then I meditate longer. I am more present to myself while being attentive with the different one. I am objective while listening to the conversations.


I have for a long time a problem of diseases of gamma that my body procreated and tired my liver, I risked a big problem of health. Thanks to the Active Meditation, I saw a spectacular evolution: my gammas are stabilized. I meditate each morning and evening. I take time for my active meditation and thanks to that today I am discovered such as I am, I rely on me and a great insurance, I do not have any more anguish nor fear.


I am filled of Love and I make It divide.


Dan gave me Kundalini Awakening in 1999 and for me that was a Rebirth, a second Life.


Now, I am a writer, I paint, I express myself today, I go towards others, I bring my assistance with love. I am a happy woman and a completed grandmother!


Meditate with Kundalini Awakening