Mes Liens



Claudie from Draguignan (Var)



To Dan,


I have known Dan for 16 years and I received Kundalini Awakening from Her.


I am conscious of the traversed way and the will implemented to reach that point. It was not so simple and not without suffering, it is true I should not forget it, my desire for progressing and especially for understanding Life pushed me forwards.


I am in perpetual evolution, stone after stone I build up my “edifice”. I practice Active Meditation with Kundalini that enabled me to grow in the life. I questioned myself both at the personal and professional level repeatedly to aim towards the balance and the harmony necessary for happiness.


While keeping my child’s soul with wide opened eyes on the world I live, faithful to my values and by respecting the Teachings, by applying them in daily life. After many years of self-development work the results are there, it is true; I have no more the same life: success on any level!!!


Thank you Dan to have allowed me this opening on me, on the world!